Sunlight lamp- A Guide

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Solar lamp posts are fast turning into a useful and ecological gadget for homes and commercial establishments all across the world. Given the rising cost of energy, it makes much more sense to go for solar lamp posts, instead of the usual standard electricity lamp posts. This is because standard electricity lamp posts suck power from the grid instead of the Sun.Have a look at sunlight lamp for more info on this.

Solar lamp posts are just as useful as the standard electric lamp posts, and work just like any other solar appliance. They are equipped with solar panels that first store energy derived from the Sun using the photovoltaic effect, and then use this stored energy to light up the bulbs in the lamp posts.

These lamp posts are very easy to install and are far more economical, in the long run, than standard electric lampposts. There is no wiring required when being installed, and the best thing about them is that they can be placed just about anywhere!

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Apart from helping you cool off global warming and saving on energy costs, they will not require to be switched on and off. They have in-built sensors that which enable them to turn on and switch off at the appropriate time. They also use LED bulbs which use less electricity than traditional bulbs, allowing them to run longer on the stored charge.

These posts come in a variety of brands, styles, colors and shapes and finding one that looks chic in the front yard is an easy job. There are certain lamp posts styles that go well if they are placed next to trees and there are styles that look great when they are placed on the ground next to stairs. Solar lights that are mounted on fixtures enhance ambiance and are ideal and should be used for walkways and driveways.

Finally, solar lamp posts save money. Though they cost about the same as an regular posts, they are free to use, as you don’t need electricity to run them. Typically you will anywhere from ten dollars for a small ground level post to several hundred for a solar lamp post on a tall fixture. They will pay for themselves over time. They are sturdy as well and last for a long time.